Lawrie: MC Leo Orbison / Ref Lawz

Ever since he was 5 and saw his first wrestling DVD, WrestleMania 6, Lawrie knew that wrestling is what he wanted to do, the bug was truly in him.

Fast forward 20 years later & Lawrie started training with a wrestling company in Banbury, knowing his physical fitness wasnt the greatest, Lawrie looked more toward the front of house part of Wrestling, in particular Ring announcing and refereeing.

Lawrie made his debut as an announcer at a local wrestling show in Oxford 2010. After earning praise and approval from his peers he focused his energy towards becoming a more refined ring announcer, and to this date has announced many different wrestling promotions around the uk including BAWA, NSW, AWW, & PRO-EVW.


Ref Lawz

To add more strings to his bow, Lawrie has also embarked on a refereeing career, making his debut for AWW on a trainee show, Lawrie displayed a natural talent for refereeing, again earning praise for how quickly he picked up the craft of being the unseen 3rd man in the ring.

Lawrie enjoys both professions equally and is available to book for either service.

For booking information, please contact Lawrie either by Facebook or on Twitter. Leo Orbison is a member of the #MediaHorsemen, and along with Hank McCoy and Ref Paz, make up the best front-of-house staff in British Professional Wrestling.