Referee Marc “Paz” Parry: The Safest Hands in Professional Wrestling

Marc “Paz” Parry is recognised as being one of the best Referees in British wrestling, but how much do you actually know about the Safest Hands in Pro Wrestling? Read on to find out a little more about SuperKick’s own Ref Paz.

Although he began his refereeing career in early 2008, not many people know that Paz’s roots in the sport began a few years earlier when he worked matches as a wrestler. This set him in good stead for a life of stripes as it gave him the full understanding of what is required of a great ref.  He can also take a great bump when needed, and his understanding of ring psychology combined with his subtle showmanship brings a unique dynamic to the matches he officiates.

As a life-long wrestling fan, he is self-trained. What started as an interest quickly developed into a passion and he soon found himself studying tapes of 90’s WWE legends such a Earl Hebner and Mike Chioda. Later he was taken under the wing of CSF’s brilliant Mark Raoul who helped further polish and hone his craft.


Since his first few matches for BAWA in Oxfordshire those years ago, Ref Paz has gone from strength to strength, working with some of the most exciting promotions in the country, including PROGRESS, Pro EVW, AWW, NLW, CSF, PRO WRESTLING CHAOS, BAWA, NBWA, GSW, Welsh Wrestling, Pete Collins’ NSP and is currently a full-time Senior Official for EWW. Recently, Paz debuted for ECTA in France, solidifying his position as an internationally known referee.

He also showcased his talents at the IPW:UK British Wrestling Trials where he received critical acclaim from some of the best promoters in the sport and was offered bookings on the spot.  Paz is also an experienced production assistant, and even worked as camera operator for DragonGate UK in 2011.

For booking information, please contact Marc by Facebook. Ref Paz is a member of the #MediaHorsemen, and along with Hank McCoy and Leo Orbison, make up the best front-of-house staff in British Professional Wrestling.