Western Mediterranean Cruise

I’ve just come back from a fantastic two week cruise around the Western Mediterranean, onboard P&O’s beautiful Oceana. It was a perfect way to celebrate our honeymoon!

Western Mediterranean Cruise

With 7 different stops it provided so much opportunity for some great photography.  In the last few months I’ve been dabbling with HDR techniques, trying to get my head around it. Yes I know in the past I’ve slated it and even described it as being “over saturated neon vomit” but as with anything creative, HDR photography especially, it’s subjective and up to the artist to “dilute to taste.”   I actually really like some saturation to my colours to make them pop and an emphasis on clarity within the image, but it has to stay within the realms of being realistic and not some kind of LSD nightmare.

I decided to give it a shot and this holiday I pushed further into the world of HDR landscape photography! I’m really pleased with the results and have become slightly obsessed with sky textures and the subtle painterly effects you can see in these images below!




Christening at United Reformed Church, Risinghurst

We were asked by Kerry to come and document her beautiful daughter’s Christenings in Oxford!

Since the church doesn’t allow flash photography during the service, we had a quick family portrait session outside afterwards  – which included a full group shot! Really nice people who braved the wind before escaping to the reception.

The full set, including both colour and black and white versions total around 30 images.

Have a birthday party or another family function you want documented? Get in touch!