Cardiff, Wales.

Having not had used any holiday since June, it was time for a break. By chance I had been offered some Lee Evans tickets for his Roadrunner show at the Cardiff MotorPoint Arena (formerly known as the Cardiff International Arena – which is a much better name.) The show wasn’t until Tuesday night but having not been to Cardiff before, we decided to make a long weekend of it and went down on the Sunday before.

The weekend coincided with The Prince of Wales’ birthday celebrations at Cardiff Castle where they had a 21 gun salute. (The guns were actually canons…) Later we got mixed up with the crowd of delegates for the event and somehow ended up being part of the audience with the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and some top brass in the Army taking salutes as servicemen marched passed.

Other highlights included the freezing sightseeing bus tour, 50’s America-themed diners, the Millennium Stadium, and finding a missing-person’s shrine dedicated to Ianto Jones from Torchwood.

Here’s some pics I took during our stay – I wasn’t allowed to take my 5DMkii into the Lee Evans performance because it “had too many megapixels.”