Elveden Forest, Norfolk

On a recent trip to CenterParcs, I had the opportunity to take lots of photos and the time available to really study and experiment with different approaches to photography.  Of particular interest to explore was long exposures, off camera flash, HDR and light painting. I didn’t actually manage to get around to doing it all – after all I had segways to ride – but I did do a couple!

Long exposures

With the camera on a tripod, I set the shutter to approximately 3-4 seconds and remote triggered from a mirror lock-up to avoid camera shake.  There were times when I felt that it would have been better to expose for longer to get a really milky effect going on, but I don’t own a neutral density filter.

Creative Off Camera Flash

I use off-camera flash lots for portrait work, since it’s required for more flattering shadows and creating a three-dimensional feel to images.  It was time to use it more creatively.  For the image below, I set my flash ( a Canon 430 EX ii) to manual at full power and placed it on the receiver of my Phottix Strato wireless system – inside of the phone box!