September Studio Day 2012

Once again we ventured into the studio for another fantastic Studio Day event in Oxford and as usual we got loads of great photos, for loads of great people!

We’re really proud of the number of customers that come back to us time and time again. It was great to see Craig and Cherry in the studio for some maternity pics –  just a few years ago I shot their wedding.   Also Lou and Molly came to see us again – the last time we saw her she was just a tiny baby and now she’s walking! We had Lee and Kayley in for a session after Lee was given one of our gift vouchers as a birthday present – they admitted they were pretty nervous,  but soon settled into it.  Sam and Emily also had a great session with us.  Jemma and Adam came to see us for some family pics too!

Interestingly this was the first of our Studio Days to be so in demand that we were fully booked and taking bookings for the next one in November! If you’re interested in taking part then, get in touch.

Here’s a selection from the day


Why not join us for a session? It’s lots of fun, and really great value. We’re looking to run the next day in November