Stacey’s Maternity Shoot

At the last Studio Day, our very own beautician Stacey stopped by to have a maternity photo shoot. Obviously these are very intimate, personal, sessions and need to be delicately handled. Fortunately I’ve had experience of this kind of photography and having worked with Stace so many times before, it went great.  Out of the 15 or so images that we produced, for me there was one that stood out – and I think it’s possibly one of the best photos I’ve ever taken. I’ve convinced her to let me use it on here!

It’s very difficult to put into words why it’s so good, but it’s a combination of things all coming together perfectly that makes it work so well: The chair, the relaxed pose, the distant gaze, the nudity, the isolation – they all play a part in telling the story and documenting the experience. I’m so pleased with the results and want to thank, congratulate and wish all the best to Stacey & Craig!

Feel brave? Want to document your own pregnancy in a classy & artistic way? Why not get in touch and arrange your own maternity shoot? We have female assistants on hand to help keep your modesty.