SuperKick designs for New Scene Wrestling

SuperKick Media was proud to be asked by New Scene Wrestling, currently one of the hottest pro wrestling promotions in the UK, to supply a range of promotional artwork for their upcoming events.  In addition to event posters, we supplied supplementary announcement artwork highlighting upcoming matches, to be used on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as souvenir style ticket stub designs.

Seen below is the poster we designed for their June show entitled “NSW Futures” featuring WWE’s latest signing, MVK Valkabious, as well as Dead Man Running/Anuvahood star and owner of the largest biceps in Britain, Tiny Iron. Also set to appear is the fantastic Rockstar Spud and CZW’s Jonathan Gresham.


The above pictures were taken at the “Party in the Park” in Mary Stevens Park Stourbridge, where NSW performed two open-air shows to a thousand-strong audience during the course of the day. SuperKick’s very own Leo Orbison was Master of Ceremonies who described the event as “a wonderful opportunity for the local community and all of us from NSW and Superkick Media to engage with fans that were eager to see what we had to offer.

“NSW Futures” is Saturday 23rd June at the Collingwood Centre, Great Barr, B43 7NF. Tickets are available online from – just £9 for adults, £7 for kids and a family is £28.

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