Lighting Class – Week 2

Gary - Week 2 Studio Blanco Lighting workshop

I continued the lighting workshop at Studio Blanco, returning for week 2, and can’t stress just how much I’m enjoying the classes and being back in a studio environment.  I already knew my shooting style was quite different to other photographers – if you come to any of my Studio Day events, you’ll understand what I mean by this – but what I didn’t realise was just how different my approach is.  What might seem a little crazy and full-on is actually the result of careful study and reflection of what I do, and why I do it. Ultimately what you need to understrand about my style, is that everything I do is for a reason and it’s hidden under a veil of performance and surface madness.

I don’t mind sharing techniques but, as with everything I’m involved in,  I’ll rarely give away my hard-earned “secrets” that make my shots unique – I’ll always hold something back! 😉