Laurie: Velvet Snake

Last night I returned to Studio Blanco for our third and final Fantasy Portrait session, with make up artist Dagmara Zasuwa. This week’s design was called ‘Velvet Snake’ and was by far my favourite!

Laurie: Velvet Snake

Our model for this week’s session was the fantastic Laurie, a singer/songwriter currently producing some electro dance music. She was very friendly, took direction brilliantly and comes highly recommended.

The key light for this session was an Elinchrom studio strobe connected to a bare Rotalux Deep Octabox. I say bare as we removed the internal baffles and fitted the internal deflector dish to give a harder light.  I love these new strobes – the light is so pure, the temperature is consistent and the recycle time is super fast.  Especially useful when the session is shared with 5 other photographers! We had a second light firing into the background, covered with various coloured gels to produce colourful effects.

The difficulty with this set up was overcoming the weight of the huge false eyelashes – being so big it was difficult to get enough light into the eyes to form a decent catch-light.  We had two solutions: the model held a constant upwards look into the light source, or Wiktor: usually one of the best photographers in Oxfordshire, but today was a reflector stand.

I thought this was a really awesome design by Dagmara. To me it looked like something from a superhero or comic book, so I took this idea further in my processing!

Here’s a few of my favourites from the session: