Fantasy Glamour Make Up with Melissa

Last night I went back to Studio Blanco to take part in the first of 4 fantasy make-up portraits sessions. It was so much fun!


Our model was Melissa, a rugby playing Venezuelan who is full of Latin power.  The make up was designed and applied by the incredibly skilful and talented Dagmara Zasuwa.

Here are a few of my favourites from the session:

A Session with Emilie

This week I had the opportunity to work with Emilie Valentine, a beautiful young French model. Although new to the industry, she has already spent time modelling on both sides of the Channel working photo shoots in Paris and now Oxford – all while studying for a degree in Media Communications. She even speaks a bit of Japanese.

A Session with Emilie

I’ve recently been inspired by some gorgeous black and white portraits, in particular some shots by Dutch fashion photographers Lamsweerde & Matin. I wanted to shoot my own but with a twist.  I love the simplicity of monochrome, especially when there’s fairly low contrast, with rich silvery tones. These are made even more perfect by serene gazes into the lens. In short, the pic above is one of that I’m incredibly proud of.

Below are a selection of images we took at the fantastic Studio Blanco.

A Building Site

This weekend saw the May bank holiday here in the UK and was a great opportunity to go out and shoot for pleasure.  As a portrait photographer it’s quite nice to be able to shoot something different – landscapes,  architecture or whatever.  I took this opportunity to visit a local quarry, closed for the holidays it proved an interesting and varied location to shoot at.

My first attempt at HDR photography

Above is my first attempt at HDR photography. It’s a composite of 3 different images (1 under exposed, 1 correctly exposed and 1 over exposed) with each exposure contributing to a different part of the final composition. The result is huge amounts of detail, and an unnatural amount of realism.

Here’s a few more I took from the visit: