Cardiff, Wales.

Having not had used any holiday since June, it was time for a break. By chance I had been offered some Lee Evans tickets for his Roadrunner show at the Cardiff MotorPoint Arena (formerly known as the Cardiff International Arena – which is a much better name.) The show wasn’t until Tuesday night but having not been to Cardiff before, we decided to make a long weekend of it and went down on the Sunday before.

The weekend coincided with The Prince of Wales’ birthday celebrations at Cardiff Castle where they had a 21 gun salute. (The guns were actually canons…) Later we got mixed up with the crowd of delegates for the event and somehow ended up being part of the audience with the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and some top brass in the Army taking salutes as servicemen marched passed.

Other highlights included the freezing sightseeing bus tour, 50’s America-themed diners, the Millennium Stadium, and finding a missing-person’s shrine dedicated to Ianto Jones from Torchwood.

Here’s some pics I took during our stay – I wasn’t allowed to take my 5DMkii into the Lee Evans performance because it “had too many megapixels.”


November Studio Day – Update

The editing is finally complete and disks are being made up ready for delivery. Normally I offer the option of a download but everyone got so many photos this time around that it would be quite a massive file – that and I’ve got some nice shiny disks to use!

On average people got 20-25 pics, which when you include a full set of black and white duplicates that gives you 40-50 pics in total. That’s less than ¬£2 per image and an absolutely insane bargain!!

The date of the next studio day is still yet to be decided upon, but it’s likely to be in the Spring of 2012. As always, it’s driven by demand so if you are interested do get in touch. If there’s enough people wanting to take part then we can probably even sort one out before Christmas.

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part. Don’t forget to spread the word as I really rely on word-of-mouth to keep going – so tell everyone about your pics, me and where you got them done!



Website Changes!

I’m pleased to announce that the website overhaul is finally¬†complete! Having spent the last few weeks trying to come up with interesting ideas, implementing them (and fixing them again), whist not forgetting actually having projects and studio days to shoot, it’s been a tough time! The last update was about 5 years ago.

So apart from a fancy new system to show off the lastest news and things, there’s a great gallery section where those who requested it can buy a selection of my prints. I’ll be adding to it (and the rest of the site) quite regularly so you can be kept up to date.

One of the more interesting parts of the site redevelopment is the funky Facebook app that I had to configure and half rebuild so these posts here can automatically be pushed to the Facebook page. That’s pretty neat.

Hope you like it!